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6We are a registered and recognized by BMW club (No.: 11) for BMW 8-series owners and sympathizers joined BMW Clubs Europe (BCE).


We provide shelter for everyone in the Netherlands and Dutch speaking countries such as Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba , Netherlands Antilles municipalities, Suriname and South Africa.


For Belgium we have a register open (see our ambassador BMW Club E31 Belgium on the contact page).


Obviously, people from other countries to join our club, this is already a fact and indicates that many feel at home in our club.

The BMW 8 Series: This beautiful coupes were produced from 1989 to 1999 and are an absolute technical masterpiece with all the options known at that time (and even now many options are not available on current models).

After its introduction in 1989 of the BMW 850 BMW 840 appeared in 1993 and implementation in 1992 is 830 (which should be regarded as a prototype). The E31-ers at that time cost with all options over 150,000 Euros in The Netherlands and is allready a rare oldtimer!


On the following pages of our website we have tried to give an impression of what excites us and show our passion, but in a briefly way.On our forum, however, everything appears extensive, there are also all manuals, technical information, modifications, input from our experts and members to find. An essential resource for members to increase their knowledge and keep their hobby affordable.


    Inschrijfformulier lidmaatschap BMW Club E31 Nederland

    Onderstaande aspirantlid meldt zich aan als lid van de BMW Club E31 Nederland en maakt het eenmalige inschrijfgeld en maakt de contributie na ontvangst van de factuur binnen 7 dagen over. Bij betaling en goedkeuring bestuur gaat dan meteen het lidmaatschap in als volledig lid. Verder verklaart hij/zij akkoord te gaan met de nieuwe regels betreffende de AVG, terug te vinden op het open gedeelte forum: http://www.clube31.nl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=4496

    Bijrijder Personalia (bronslid), deze gegevens zijn noodzakelijk voor club gerelateerde verzekeringen.




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