How to respons?

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How to respons?

Bericht door DickB » 17 feb 2010 22:28

When you want to respons on our open forum:
1. Please register with a name and valid emailaccount(no hotmails, a.s.o.), than we will activate you.
You can talk to us only on the open forum.

When you want to talk to us on the closed forum:
1.You must be a member of the 8-community(we will check this)
2.Your accountname must be the same as it is registered there
3.With a valid emailaccount(no hotmails, a.s.o.)
Than you get access to almost everything on our forum.

When you want to have full access(also to all our technical data), receive our 3-montly fullcolor clubmagazine, get our free gifts, a.s.o., please contact us:
We will inform you how it works!

I can take some hours!
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